The Comet is a game of catch and throw. Spin the comet by its tail to throw it and the other person catches it, ideally, also by its tail. Played by two or more people, one or more comets are thrown to each other.

The main rule is to have fun! Any additional rules are totally up to you!

The Comet flies up to around 50 meters, depending on the wind conditions and the power of your throws.

THE COMET GAME brings plenty of benefits:
 It connects people in a very joyful way and makes them smile
It’s Healthy and Helps You Stay Fit Through Play
Moving, Throwing and Catching Improves, and Develops Your Physical Strength, Eye-Hand Coordination Skills, and Emotional Wellbeing
The Comet Game is a Powerful Icebreaker and a strong bridge between the generations
The World is your playground when you have the Comet
Play it on the beach, in the park, city squares, mountains, fields…play it anywhere you like
Play with old friends or make new ones with the Comet Game


Seeing the excitement and fun everyone has before during, and after playing the the Comet game, inspired us to create and introduce to you, our new, unique and colourful line of comet designs – The Comet Flags – where each Comet represents the flag of a different nation and is in honor of all it’s people. (We have made the flags of some countries and are expanding the line as we speak).

Although we are different in many ways – appearance, background, race, age, nationality, religion etc., one sure thing, that most of us have in common and find Joy in, is the ability to Play and Interact with each other through Play.

In our eyes, the world today could use Peace, Love and Unity, more than ever before, and through the Comet Game we’d like to offer You a unique and easy way to get together, play this amazing game, and have a good time.


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