Welsh flag comet


The Comet Game is a game of catch and throw.

Spin the comet to throw it. Grab the tail to catch it.

Play as many people as you like.

Play with as many comets as you like.

Play freestyle or apply some rules…up to you!

Fun and easy to learn the Comet Game brings plenty of benefits…..

Connects people in a very joyful way and makes them smile!

Keeps you fit through play!

Improves your strength, eye-hand coordination and mood 🙂

Powerful icebreaker!

Strong bridge between generations!

The world is a playground when you have the Comet.

On the beach, in the park, city squares, play anywhere you like…

Play with your friends and make new ones with the Comet Game.

The Comet Flag designs are inspired by our dream to unite people of the world through play!

Small and light easy to carry take it wherever you go.

Represent your nation with your country’s comet flag.

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